Why cancellation policies are more strict for vacation rentals

02/01/2018 | by hollihouse | Uncategorized

As more vacation rental homes come online with major lodging websites such as VRBO and AirBnB  guests are often disappointed when they want to cancel their reservation.   Many guests think that they should be able to cancel for any reason at any time and receive a full refund just like they would if they booked  hotel lodging.

But vacation rental lodging is different.   You are not booking lodging at a hotel but rather someone’s residence.   When you book any vacation rental property online you create an opportunity cost for the owner.   Your dates are blocked off for your reservation and as a consequence the owner cannot accept another reservation.    Owner’s depend upon rental income to offset their own costs and rely on this income which is why cancellation policies are more strict compared to a hotel.   Just like when you book a flight on any airline, you cannot cancel your flight for the same reasons.

Owners also incur credit card merchant fee cost which cannot be refunded to them.  Credit card merchant fees range from 2.5% up to 3.5% in some cases.  The average total cost of most reservations is $2,500 and so owners incur up to $87 to process your reservation!  This fee cannot be refunded to the owner.

When you book a vacation rental home you are really committing to following through with your vacation.  But what if something prevents you from coming?  What if you have a death in the family or sustain an injury that would mar your vacation experience?

The solution is to ALWAYS purchase travel insurance to cover your entire vacation.   If something unfortunate happens prior to or during your vacation YOU ARE COVERED.

We are always disappointed and surprised when guests fail to see the incredible value with this insurance.  Many guest are thankful that they purchased it because they were able to re-claim their entire vacation cost including lodging and also flight costs.   Conversely, many of our guests are disappointed when they cannot unwind their vacation plans and regret deeply that they did not purchase travel insurance.

If you are travelling, Travel insurance is a must have addition to your lodging purchase.  Please contact us to arrange the purchase of Travel insurance after you book your lodging with us.   You will be glad you did.

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