How Prevent Complaints at Your Vacation Rental Property

01/31/2018 | by hollihouse | Uncategorized

Wow.  Complaints are rampant in the vacation rental industry and it’s easy to see why.   Vacation Rental Homes are stand alone residences.   Each one is like a separate little hotel with different systems, different appliance makes and models, different hot tubs with different states of age.   Let’s face it, when things get old, no matter what they are, they simply don’t work as well.   Guests have high expectations when they rent your property.   They’ve invested thousands of dollars for their stay.   They’ve driven hours to get to your property in a snow storm with crying toddlers in the back seat and when they finally get to your property at 11 PM and discover that the microwave isn’t working…Let’s just call it a meltdown.   They can’t heat that soothing bottle of milk for their little ones…   Oh boy…  get ready for an earful the next morning.

There are so many unique systems and appliances in your home that need to be maintained over time and if you don’t keep on top of it and your systems don’t work then you can expect to have complaints.   Complaints are expensive in four ways.   1) The most obvious is the emergency repair that needs to take place to keep a guest happy.  You will need to pay a premium to have a service vendor go out in the middle of the night or on the weekend.  2) The next is that the guest will demand a credit for their stay, often a night off which in some cases means $500 in addition to the emergency service repair cost.  3)  Next is the fact that the guest will probably never book your home again and that could be up to $1,500 in lost rent.   Finally there is the online reputation cost for when the guest pans your property with online reviews on HomeAway and TripAdviser causing future viewers to look elswhere.

A vacation rental management company can only do so much when it comes to checking your property and making it rental ready.  But as a homeowner spending a week at your property you will see little details that need to be addressed.   If you are serious about having a performing vacation rental property, your home systems and appliances need to be flawless.  Take a little bit of time to fix your property.   Invest in a handyman to come through and handle all those little fixes that keep your home running like a Swiss watch.   The small investment in maintenance pays big dividends down the road with happy guests, great reviews, no credits back and best of all repeat guests.   If you keep your home well maintained, it just gets better and better.

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